HTML Getting Started



In the HTML Introduction chapter we saw the following example.

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Index Page</title>
		<h1>Hello World!</h2>


Lets understand the code line by line.

The first line <!DOCTYPE> defines the document type i.e., HTML so the browser gets to know that its a HTML file.

Next comes the <html> tag. The entire HTML web page code is enclosed within the opening <html> and closing </html> tag.

Inside the html tag we have the <head> tag. It is like a header which contains some information like the title of the web page for instance. This is not displayed on the browser.

Inside the head tag we have the <title> tag which contains the title that we have given to our web page. In this case, Index Page.

Then comes the <body> tag. The content of the body tag is displayed on the browser.

Inside the body tag we have <h1> heading tag which says Hello World!.

We will be covering these tags in more detail in the following chapters.