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DYclassroom is an educational website consisting of tutorials on topics like web development, programming how-to and more. You can also find interesting projects and references. And we also have aptitude, multiple choice question, and even Sudoku puzzles and helpful online apps like HTML editor, Color Mixer and more...

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Created by

Yusuf Shakeel

Founded on

27th August 2014

The beginning

Hello! I am Yusuf Shakeel and I am running this website. I started this as a simple project after completing engineering in the year 2014.

The journey starts way back in 2012 when I was a 2nd year student in college and was working on few of my own web projects. They were mostly static page website projects using HTML, CSS and JS. During my 3rd year I started learning about how to create dynamic websites and the things involved like database, server like Apache, online web hosting and server side language like PHP. In 2014, after graduation, this project started.

dyclassroom.com is my first website.