Design a simple calendar for your blog and website using HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript

Web Project

In this project we will make a simple calendar using HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript.

Click here to learn how to create a calendar for your blog and website using dyCalendarJS.


For this project we can use any text editor like Notepad++, SublimeText, gEdit, TextMate, Coda, Brackets etc.

In the above video Brackets has been used which is an open source software and can be downloaded from their website


For this project we will need three files

  • index.html
  • script.js
  • style.js

JavaScript Date functions used

To work with date we have to create a Date object.

var d = new Date();

To get the current date in javascript, we use the getDate() function.

So, we will write d.getDate();

Similarly, to get the current day we write d.getDay();

And, to get the current year we write, d.getYear();

Note! getYear() will return value like 114 for the year 2014. So to get 2014 we have to add 1900 to the value returned by getYear() function.

We can also use the getFullYear() function. This will return the value 2014.


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="script.js"></script>
        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
        <div id="calendar">
            <p id="calendar-day"></p>
            <p id="calendar-date"></p>
            <p id="calendar-month-year"></p>


//this function will find today's date
function calendar(){
    var day=['Sunday','Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday'];
    var month=['January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December'];
    var d=new Date();
    setText('calendar-day', day[d.getDay()]);
    setText('calendar-date', d.getDate());
    setText('calendar-month-year', month[d.getMonth()]+' '+(1900+d.getYear()));

//this function will set the text value of 

tags function setText(id, val){ if(val < 10){ val = '0' + val; //add leading 0 if val < 10 } document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = val; }; //call calendar() when page load window.onload = calendar;


    width: 130px;
    height: 180px;
    background-color: cornflowerblue;
    color: #fff;
    border-radius: 5%;
    box-shadow: 0 4px 4px 0 rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.4);

    font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
    padding: 10px 0;
    margin: 0;
    color: #fff;
    text-align: center;

    font-size: 16px;

    font-size: 14px;

    font-size: 64px;
    padding-top: 10px;
    padding-bottom: 0;