Redis Interview Questions - Set 1

Redis Interview Questions

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This page contains Redis interview questions and answers.

Q1: What is Redis?

Redis is an open source, advance key-value data store and cache.

It is also referred as a data structure server as it can store hashes, sets, lists, and sorted sets.

Q2: What does Redis stands for?

Redis stands for REmote DIctionary Server.

Q3: How is Redis different from MySQL?

MySQL is a RDBMS i.e. a SQL database whereas Redis is a NoSQL in-memory data store and cache.

Q4: In which language Redis is developed?

Redis is written in ANSI C.

Q5: How will you interact with Redis?

To interact with Redis we use the redis-cli command (Redis Client) and this connects us with the Redis server.

Q6: List the advantages of Redis?

Following are some of the advantages of Redis.

  • It is very fast.
  • Supports different data types like hash, set and sorted set.
  • Has rich client side libraries.
  • Performs atomic operations.

Q7: List the disadvantages of Redis?

Following are some of the disadvantages of Redis.

  • It is single threaded.
  • Significant persistence overhead.
  • Not widely deployed.
  • Limited client support for consistent hashing.

Q8: What is redis-cli?

redis-cli is the Redis command line interface.

It is a simple program that allows us to send commands to the Redis server and receive response all in the terminal.

Q9: Name some of the languages supported by Redis

Following are some of the languages supported by Redis.

  • PHP
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#

Q10: Name some of the companies using Redis

Following are some of the companies using Redis.

  • Stack Overflow
  • Twitter
  • GitHub
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