Java - Class - Objects Example



In this tutorial we will write code in Java programming language to work with class and object.

If you are reading this tutorial then it is assumed that you know the following points.

In the following example we are using the PackagingBox class to create an object.

The PackagingBox class has the following member variables.

Access Modifier Data Type Variable
private double length
private double breadth
private double height
public double volume
double weight
double price

And it has the following methods.

Access Modifier Return Type Method Parameters
public void setLength double length
public double getLength
public void setBreadth double breadth
public double getBreadth
public void setHeight double height
public double getHeight
public void setWeight double weight
public double getWeight
public void setPrice double price
public double getPrice
public void computeVolume
public double getVolume


 * The PackagingBox Class
class PackagingBox {

  // member variables
  private double length;
  private double breadth;
  private double height;
  public double volume;
  double weight;
  double price;

  // methods

  //---- get and set length

  public void setLength(double length) {
    this.length = length;
  public double getLength() {
    return this.length;

  //---- get and set breadth
  public void setBreadth(double breadth) {
    this.breadth = breadth;
  public double getBreadth() {
    return this.breadth;

  //---- get and set height
  public void setHeight(double height) {
    this.height = height;
  public double getHeight() {
    return this.height;

  //---- get and set weight
  public void setWeight(double weight) {
    this.weight = weight;
  public double getWeight() {
    return this.weight;

  //---- get and set price
  public void setPrice(double price) {
    this.price = price;
  public double getPrice() {
    return this.price;

  //---- compute and get volume

  public void computeVolume() {
    this.volume = this.length * this.breadth * this.height;

  public double getVolume() {
    return this.volume;

 * The main class.
class ObjectExample {
  public static void main(String[] args) {

    // creating an object of the class
    PackagingBox myBox = new PackagingBox();

    // setting the dimensions

    // setting the weight

    // setting the price

    // compute the volume

    // get the values
    System.out.println("Dimension of the box:");
    System.out.println("Length: " + myBox.getLength());
    System.out.println("Breadth: " + myBox.getBreadth());
    System.out.println("Height: " + myBox.getHeight());

    System.out.println("Weight, Volume and Price of the box:");
    System.out.println("Weight: " + myBox.getWeight());
    System.out.println("Volume: " + myBox.getVolume());
    System.out.println("Price: " + myBox.getPrice());


Dimension of the box:
Length: 10.0
Breadth: 20.0
Height: 30.0
Weight, Volume and Price of the box:
Weight: 120.0
Volume: 6000.0
Price: 299.0