Important notes and formula

What is Alligation?

It is a method that allows us to find the ratio in which two or more quantities of certain price are mixed together to get a mixture of desired price.

Finding the ratio to mix two minerals of price $100 and $120 to get a mixture of desired price $90 is an alligation problem.

What is Mean Price?

The cost of the unit quantity of a mixture is called the mean price of the mixture.

Alligation Formula

Mixing two ingredient to create a mixture.

Quantity of Cheaper Item=CP of Dearer Item - Mean Price
Quantity of Dearer ItemMean Price - CP of Cheaper Item

Mixing Water

A container contains X unit of certain liquid. If Y unit of the liquid is taken out from the mixture and replaced with water. If this process is carried out n times then, quantity of pure liquid left in the container is.